Trench Defender VR

Meta Quest 2 – App Lab

Fight in a fictional conflict taking place in the future.
Your task is to hold the defense line. The goal is to stop as many attack waves as possible. You’ll have a whole range of weapons and equipment at your disposal. Use them depending on the situation and the attacker.

A mix of intense action and epic battlefield atmosphere awaits you.

Galaxy Freeman

Android – Google Play

You play as a privateer in a distant, colonized galaxy and embark on a quest that takes you across it. You will constantly improve your equipment and carry out missions, mine resources in asteroid fields or trade to increase your level and earn credits. You can expect a large, freely playable world with numerous planets and stations on which you can land.

Go Green Challenge

Android – Google Play

This companion will help you to save the environment and make the world a little greener.
It will give you weekly and daily tasks to solve. By solving tasks you can improve your impact on your environment according to the principle: Many a mickle makes a muckle!

Idle Galaxy Miner

Android – Google Play

Build space stations and mines on planets to earn as much ★ as possible. Level your transports and the defence systems of your mother ship to defend yourself against pirates. Extend your empire to other planets and star systems. Earn ★ even if you’re not playing at the moment.